YOGA-to-Live-MUSIC!YOGA-to-Live-MUSIC! is a concept pioneered by TOTAL YOGA wherein Yogis practice  yoga to the accompaniment of Live Music. Participants love the fact that the Music and Yoga are being created in the moment; and they both blend seamlessly to create an experience that is high-Energy, Flowing and also very Meditative!

YOGA-to-Live-MUSIC! has in the past had a Carnatic fusion band, a Djembe-playing band and the By-2-Blues perform. This time “Synchroshakti” (Kartika Nair) will be performing ancient Indian slokas, as well as contemporary Western songs set to her guitar!

“The event is open to all Yogis and others wanting to experience something beyond the regular Yoga Studio classes! It’s a Meditative experience you’re not likely to forget soon.” – Manish Pole, Director of TOTAL YOGA

YOGA-to-Live-MUSIC! event details:
@ Jagriti Theatre (Whitefield) Jan 18, 8-9am and
@ Total Yoga Studio (Indiranagar) Jan 18, 9:30-10:30am.