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The North East Fashion Week,Arunanchal edition, organized by Affulent Ray of which Light flagged off its  maiden show at Dree Ground in Itanagar concluded...
Designer Nabam Aka with Minisha Lamba

Designer Nabam Aka with Minisha Lamba

The North East Fashion Week,Arunanchal edition, organized by Affulent Ray of which Light flagged off its  maiden show at Dree Ground in Itanagar concluded on 12th April’15. With its series of runway shows by the local designers and weavers, promoting the aboriginal fabrics of the region through NEIndiaFW’15.The delightful actress Minisha Lamba looked gorgeous in the beautiful traditional attire designed by Nabam Aka,who is a revered weaver and prominent artesian who has employed many weavers in North East.

The event so grand was first ever organized in the city, where for 3 days, 35 designers,  top musicians and weavers from different parts of North East participated to showcase their talent and collection.

The Festival was inaugurated by Niyamar Karbak ,MLA and Kipa Kaha , Chief of Congress Seva Dal.The event took off with the beautiful country songs and melodies sung by famous musician Guru Rewben Mashangva and his son Saka.

With a vision to promote overall development of the North East region, the Fest saw North East music, fabric, designers and local delicacies. Weavers, designers and the local cuisine stalls were busy all day with people around the region. It was the first kind of experience for the locals and they seemed to be pretty excited and happy with the event.

NEF 2013’s Fashion concluded with the spectacular show by Yana Ngoba , the main organizer of the event “.She showcased her signature Yana In Style” range of North East fabric and designs .Her designs were a very balanced combination of traditional and modern boho look. She said” In NE, the heritage of weaving passes on to the generation of weavers and artisans , I myself have inherited this talent from my mother and I am committed to uplift the weavers and young talent to the main line fashion industry.Designers like Nabam Aka and Yana in past have worked and been recognized for promoting organic and ethnic material exclusive to the NE region of India. The evening was further adorned by performance by NE famous singer Johhny Marak and Sonam.

Mr.Niyamar Karbak said, “We are happy that our youth like Yana and Siranjeet are organizing such events .Our local weavers and designers need an exposure and platforms like these to bring them forth in bigger platforms. I am glad and pleased to see the talent of our North East Weavers and designers”

Likha Saya, the smart looking Parliamentary secretary of Agriculture,Youth Affair and Sports walked the ramp for Nabam Aka. He Quoted ” this is the great initiative by ARL to promote our local weavers and budding designers to take their art to the next level.We all would try to make build this event further and take it to international level within 2-3 years.

Manish Drone, Tumi Riba,Achung, Pushba Chaube,Tumi , Suliya Swu and  Jimi, Diganta  ,Siami, Yura Mary ,Indrakshi Prakrity and alike were amongst the other noted designers who showcases their beautiful collection and designer range during the event.


The after event parties also saw gripping music played by pop star-Ash King, DJ Caroline Banx and DJ Sway who got the attendees grooving and brought the dancing mood to add spice to the festive ambiance.