Serenity-Blissful Living introduces a nature friendly range of products

 With the natural world in bloom, it’s a great time to think about making your home more environmentally friendly and efficient without sacrificing on the aesthetics. Step into the Serenity-Blissful Living, a store that offers an effervescent and eclectic collection of furniture and accessories for home and office décor and get yourself nature-friendly sustainable products made of organic and renewable fibers.

The nature friendly products from Serenity consist of wonderfully braided, rustic and organic baskets, trays, bowls and vases available in different sizes and shapes. These practical eco friendly products are made of banana fiber along with other organic materials like river grass, bamboo, tali-pot, palm, elephant grass in addition to being colored with an aromatic azo- free dye. Products from the collection are made in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, generating gainful employment while sustaining the traditional crafting skills of over 500 skilled rural artisans.

Speaking of the nature friendly collection Ms. Amrit Borkakoty, Proprietor of Serenity said,” We are proud to introduce and showcase this natural and non intrusive, high quality range of products handpicked to bring an eco- friendly vibe to a home. I hope this organic collection is well received by our clients, who can become one with nature.”