Novel work by Infova Foundation for under privileged

Infova-FoundationNew Delhi: Infova Foundation promptly carried out its noble cause in distributing blankets, clothes, food and tea at Metro Station Gate No. 2 near AIIMS hospital Main Gate at the scheduled timing from 6pm to 9pm.

Lots of poor and needy people were seen outside the hospital with smiling faces while the team of the Foundation was distributing clothes and blankets to around 600 poor people. Dinner that included a menu of Puri, Aloo Sabji and tea was also distributed to around 600 poor people at that venue.

“I am so happy that someone has bothered for us here. It is so cold here and I have been calling my relatives for help but no one received my call.  The cold nearly kills us everyday”, said Neetu from Soanbadhar who was wrapped in tattered clothes. Her father is admitted in AIIMS hospital.

Infova Foundation has recognised the miserable conditions of the people who lay involuntarily outside AIIMS hospital unable to buy an extra bed or rent a hotel room. This humane cause will be continued up to January 18, 2014.