“Naked is Divine,” Vivek Mishra on Naked Yoga…

Once again the witty & funny Vivek Mishra, a name hit in all the happening parties of the town, surprises everyone. Where in India we are not open about Naked Yoga, Vivek Mishra chose to differ & talks openly about ‘Why is Naked Yoga not bizarre?’

A yoga trainer by profession, Vivek Mishra has a huge client base comprising of the who’s who of the party circuit. He mentions, “I found it hilarious to read in one of the leading publications that people find naked yoga weird and they claim that this is common in gay communityHowever, I beg to differ!”

He further adds, “Yoga is a very pious thing. Whether you have clothes on or not has nothing to do with the postures. Naked Yoga has its own benefits. When you do an Asana, your pore releases the energy & if you don’t have clothes on, then all the negativity energies you release is immediately absorbed.”

Vivek Mishra, a Delhi based model, actor & a socialite having a reputed name in the LGBT community across the country does realize the Indian community & people’s mindset & comments, “If one is not comfortable doing in group, he can just do it by himself or with his trainer.

When one goes to spa for body wraps and massages do they get it done with their clothes on?”

Further adding, “As per our Hindu Mythology, there are mantras which are chanted without clothes, but No one has ever questioned that?”

He strongly believes in Naked Yoga & doesn’t find it bizarre, “I practice ashtang yoga & for Naked yoga to work effectively one can perform the asana on a thick cotton sheet, there would not be any balance problem and one can meditate also.

It also makes you comfortable with your own body. When you chant, you send positive vibes & your pores release the positive vibration but with clothes on, it takes time to release those energies.”

He summarizes, “To each his own, but I practice naked yoga and have no problem in training people. Naked is Divine.”