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Mundane rosy nail polishes are overdone; trending is the nail art, where your creativity comes out on that tiny landscape of your fingertips. Nail...

282A9502Mundane rosy nail polishes are overdone; trending is the nail art, where your creativity comes out on that tiny landscape of your fingertips. Nail art, just like fashion, brings a new breeze every season. If looking at simple plain nails bores you, use these tips by make-up expert and stylist Naunidh Singh to get out of that predictable spectrum.

Minimalistic is the trend this year. Painted tips of nails, geometric shapes and intricate designs restricted to one or two nails is the classiest ride. Reduce the color choice to three or less and let the show begin. Done up nails have reached a new level, use the following techniques to enter the 21st century of nail art.

Color blocking

Divide the surface into different sized compartments using geometric formats and fill the different shapes with colors of your choice. Top it with a transparent coat.

Ombre nail art

The latest trend, looks lovely and application is extremely easy. For an impactful effect, choose two different shades from the same family.

Half moons

Paint half-moons next to the cuticles. Simple and sexy. It will look its best while mixing nudes with blacks, whites and gold.


Metallic colors like pale gold, silver, rose gold etc are the cherry this season. Giving a futuristic twist, they are recommended for parties and fancy events. You can give an antique turn to the same. After applying the metallic shade, take a deep brown on a sponge and dab on your nails for the antique touch.

French tips

With the new styles trending in and out, this is a classic which has stayed, though this year it is still holding on to its popularity with a little drama. Instead of whites, moody colors like blacks, metallic and oxblood are being used this season. Double tips are also gaining its fan following gradually.

Three dimensional and embellishments

There is a pool of choices available for shapes in a 3D effect, in case you are looking for a bold statement. Variety of Swarovski’s, rhinestones and glitters are also trending in the market. Do not get overboard with these, use your imagination and apply on one or two nails at the most for a memorable effect.

Matt finish

This trend is also catching up and is spotted on runways every now and then, though to add a little jazz, you can paint the back of your nails (if you have the required length) with the similar color or with a contrasting one.

Even though there is a bundle of art available for nails now, simplicity is still very much in. If you don’t think you have the time or the energy required to maintain fancy nails, just moisturize your hands and nails every night and simply put a transparent coat before you step out in the world. If you are a woman of expression, let your confidence steal the show while you’re beautiful hands do the talking!