Mr. India Worldwide 2013 Contest Audition

  • An opportunity for handsome & talented males
  • Aim to turn the male fantasies in the modeling world take a new aspect towards the glamorous world

Shree Sai Entertainment presents Mr. India Worldwide 2013 Contest Audition held across the country. Contestants from Mumbai, New Delhi participated in this.

Mr. India Worldwide 2013 Contest AuditionThe audition is judged by Ms. Rita Gangwani (Official Trainer of Ponds Femina Miss India & Miss Bhutan), Lt. Col. Rita Gangwani (International Beauty Pageant Trainer),    Mr. Nitin Chauhan (Model and Actor), Mrs. Nisha Sharma (Runner up of Mrs. India worldwide), Mr. Babla kathuria (Choreographer), Mr.  Bharat Bhramar (founder of Shri Sai Entertainment), Ms Ishreen Vadi (CEO Shri Sai Entertainment) and Mrs. Alma Ranchel. They all are well-Known names in the fashion world.

The whole show will be/is choreographed by Babla Kathuria (International Choreographer), a well-known name in the fashion world.

Addressing to the media Mr. Bharat K Bhramar Founder of Shree Sai Entertainment said, “Mr. India Worldwide 2013 contest gives an opportunity to handsome & talented males from entire Delhi & Other States this platform as/is a door to enter the glamorous world of fame, attracting a lot of fanfare”.

Mr. Bharat also added, “In the world of highly competitive and female-dominated professional modeling, the attitude toward male modeling is changing. Although male models are still facing criticism and bias from their professional peers, society’s typical mindset is changing. Times are changing, lines are blurring. Guys want to look as good as girls. That’s why there are an increasing number of guys with eating disorders. I see the same guys at the gym everyday obsessing, trying to be what girls want. Modeling does not carry as much of a feminine connotation as previously because modeling is something many men really want to do. And our purpose is to turn the male fantasies in the modeling world take a new aspect towards the glamour world.”