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New Delhi : Could you think of receiving opinions from not just one doctor but many without shelling out a penny? Could you approach...

New Delhi : Could you think of receiving opinions from not just one doctor but many without shelling out a penny? Could you approach a doctor at a time convenient to you? Could you imagine your smartphone turning into your health guide? Perhaps, a far-fetched thought until some time back. But, with Lybrate, doing all that unthinkable has become a possibility.

Founded with the aim to increase the access to doctors, Lybrate, India’s fastest growing doctor-patient end-to-end communication platform, has a strong pool of 50,000 doctors from across India who respond to the queries of people for free, thereby providing the end-users the opportunity to seek multiple opinions from reputed healthcare specialists.

Given the interactive app is free to download and involves no charges for seeking opinions from doctors, people can have as many advices for themselves and those family members who are not much conversant with technology, thus becoming their caregivers. People can also share pictures of their problem areas with the doctors, for a better understanding of any health condition, if any.

“The Lybrate app will transform the way patients and doctors interact in India. It has happened for the first time that people in the country have an app where they can interact with not just one doctor but many free of cost, hitherto which was not possible. The idea was to increase the accessibility to doctors and bridge the demand-supply gap of healthcare experts in India. Our app cuts the hassles of patients, letting them save on time and money. For doctors, it acts as a channel to connect with patients from varied locations and serve them with their expertise and knowledge, without hampering their professional duties,” says Saurabh Arora, Chief Executive Officer, Lybrate.

Not just a platform to seek opinions, the app is a storehouse of doctors from all medical branches, say Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Unani, among others. People can post any query regarding their health, that too at any time and get that answered from the network of eminent doctors within the window of 48 hours.

The Lybrate team verifies the credentials of every doctor, to make sure patients connect with only genuine healthcare experts on its platform. Besides, it also helps people to choose the right doctor through the recommendations made by others. One of the other relevant features in the app is that people remain anonymous while seeking views on a public platform, helping them maintain their privacy.

In India, it is a fact that people ignore visiting doctors due to either financial constraints or non-availability of time. In such cases, they take the route of self-medication, forgetting the risks they are exposing themselves to. The Lybrate app precisely addresses this severe issue, making people to take views from the veterans of the respective medical branches and avoid popping pills on their own.

The app also allows people to book appointments with doctors, and upload their medical records online. The users also get health tips regularly which are shared by the health experts themselves. In case of emergencies, the app also sends alerts to near and dear ones through text message and helps people locate a doctor nearby and even check the doctor’s profile.

With such a revolutionary mobile app in place, healthcare in India is going to go places. The journey has begun!