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To follow the Prime Minister Narender Modi’s make in India concept country’s one of the leading ayurvedic product manufacture company Ayurved India has launched...

Ayurvedic-India-MD-Vinod-DhamaTo follow the Prime Minister Narender Modi’s make in India concept country’s one of the leading ayurvedic product manufacture company Ayurved India has launched first of its kind herbal nutrition food “Nesargik Tej” in the market. This is the initial step taken by Company Founder & CEO Mr. Vinod Dhama to create awareness about the benefit and requirement of ayurvedic product for the people of India. The event was held at Hotel Fraser Suites today and graced by the prominent people of the industry includes doctors from all the domain, socialites, dealers and distributors of ayurvedic products/medicine.

Nesargik Tej is a nutrition supplement and ayurvedic proprietary medicine for all age groups which fulfill the requirement of proper diet required for healthy mind & body.  It has a right mix of valued ayurvedic herbs, dry fruits and milk proteins which help to increase immune system, gives strength, improve energy, helps in mental growth and development. It not only helps to grow healthy and maintain the tissue, muscles and the nervous system but also rejuvenating effects on older people and its ability to nourish the body and mind. Tej formulation is prepared by making use of leaves, flowers, fruits, roots etc of herbs in their possible orginal form.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Vinod Dhama, Founder & CEO of Ayurvedic India said “people and of our country are forgotten the ayurvedic products and treatment because of less awareness of such products and branding. While all the natural/ayurvedic products are better than the scientific medicine.  Scientific medicine which has more craze in kids, youth and old. Ayurved products are safer with zero side-effects and go deeply to the body, work naturally and strengthen the body and stamina while chemical product acts roughly, make immune system weaker and create hidden problem in a longer term.

Ayurvedic products manufacturers/marketers have less budgets because Ayurvedic Industries are not getting much help from the government organization and from the Indian people. People are not fully aware of magical properties of ayurved. Ayurved products are cheaper than chemical products so they do not able to create big marketing campaign to push the crowd towards the natural procedure/ treatment. Especially in the nutrition food supplement it is captured by MNC and there is no single Indian company which is giving a tough competition to them. We at Ayurved India are trying to create a market for herbal products in the country and build interests of consumers towards nature, added Mr. Dhama.

After the launch function live performance of Strings Connection rock band and Xtream dance tope Delhi cheered the crowed. The event was end with a prestigious award function by Ayurved India to give a moral support and encourage the participation of industry bodies and member toward the regeneration of Ayurved in India.