First ever children’s equality flash mob hits Jantar Mantar: Listed by Unique Book of World Records

New Delhi : Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, the medieval observatory turned into a dancing zone today after being hit by a flash mob of children. The daily routine at Jantar Mantar suddenly turned flashy and colorful when over 100 children who were at the spot started matching steps, joining the revelry on cue.

flash-mob-hits-Jantar-MantarThe idea of a flash mob constituting of children was mooted by SWAPN, a Delhi-based NGO that focuses on the overall development of underprivileged sections of society by means of interactive learning. The event was supported by Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts, The Earth Savior Foundation and Teamwork Public Relations.

“Through this endeavor, we desired to melt the dividing lines between these children and bring them together at par with each other in the same platform. For the underprivileged children, we believe this will have a positive impact and instill some creativity in them,” said Dr Rachna K Singh, Director, SWAPN

The flash mob was coordinated by well known DJ & music composer Mr Khushi Soni, and the kids were trained by volunteers of the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts.

Explaining his experience DJ Khushi Soni, said-“It was real fun training these lovely kids, their enthusiasm and energy level kept us amused throughout our session. Music is something which can easily connect people and through music we wish to bridge the gap between children.”

“The Uttarakhand tragedy shook the entire nation and its binding upon all of us to provide relief to the affected people in whatever capacities we have. We all feel shattered due to the enormous loss of life, property and massive devastation caused. This initiative will provide a platform to show our solidarity to the victims of that tragedy and instill a sense of togetherness among children across the country,” said, Mr. Kamal Narayan Omer, Director, Teamwork Communications, which supported the event.

SWAPN uses creative methodologies to make individuals more self-reliant with an aim to empower and educate children as well as women to lead a better and more fruitful life by way of health care, counseling, motivation, and other creative activities along with vocational training.

The aim behind the social flash mob at Jantar Mantar was to boost the creativity, self-confidence and enhance a sense of individualism in children from all over Delhi by training them to perform in the heart of the city in support of different causes.

A large number of children from different social and economic backgrounds were brought together to perform in unison and encourage greater cohesiveness among them and greater awareness about their conditions.

The sudden explosion of dance and revelry reinvigorated the bystanders before everyone went back to the ways. It was a flash mob they would remember for long, so would the children who were part of the endeavor.