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Honeymoons have a lot of different interesting stories. Considering that you and your husband are tired from a long ceremony of standing in heels,...

Honeymoons have a lot of different interesting stories. Considering that you and your husband are tired from a long ceremony of standing in heels, smiling all the time, greeting all the guests, and what have you, both of you end up tense when the night of your honeymoon comes. While others fail at trying hard to impress their partners, some succeed.

Many of these successful newlywed wives use the help of nighties. What is a nighty, you may ask. Well, a nighty is a night wear. It can be anything like a cute shirt, or a lingerie. This article suggests that you wear a nighty that is only for your honeymoon, to make it more special.

There is no such thing as the best nighty. It depends on your, and, of course, your partner’s characters. If you are a funny couple who likes cute things very much, probably wearing a cute boyfriend shirt and a panty works better than a lingerie. If you are a couple who likes to be sexy and naughty all the time, then you are going to need racy lingerie.

Nevertheless, if you have finally decided to wear lingerie for your honeymoon, let us guide you on what to do.

Get Your Measurements First

You probably believe that fitting into a size smaller than you usually wear is flattering. On the contrary, it is otherwise. Anything, and we strongly say anything – from under wears to other clothing, which is too small or too big never flatters anyone, ever. So, we strongly advice that you get your size first.

You can visit your trusted store in measuring. However, don’t limit your choice with what they offer. There is a surplus of available lingerie out there that you can choose from. In searching and selecting, you should try online nighty for honeymoon.

Take Time in Choosing Which Style

You may think that lingerie is all about exposing and teasing your man. It is, indeed, something that helps you look sexy. Remember, though, that if you feel sexy, you will look sexy – that is a fact. In other words, how you feel when wearing a lingerie matters. So, do not feel pressured to choose the racy and too revealing styles. Prioritize your comfort!

If it looks good and makes you feel comfortable, then go for it, girl! Also, remember to choose something that supports your body, especially your bust line and bottom.

Experimenting can always wait. You would not want to constantly fix your lingerie on your honeymoon just because it has a “difficult” design.

Choose the Fabric Well

For starters, lingerie can come in silk, satin, leather, lace, fishnet, and mesh. Along the way, you will discover other fabrics that may fit your taste and preference. Silk and satin are deemed most appropriate for formal gatherings or events. If you would like to look elegant, and sophisticated yet sexy on your honeymoon, go with silk or satin.

If, on the other hand, this is your first time wearing a lingerie and you are worried about feeling comfortable, cotton is best for you. If you decide to wear a lingerie on a daily basis, we suggest you choose cotton.

If you would like to pull off a naughty girl kind of look, play with fishnet or leather.

Choose the Color Well

There are some people who take color for granted. Well, we are telling you right now, don’t! The color of your clothing can make or break your look.

While black is the safest color for a lingerie, red and other bold colors give a very sexy look. They display passion which is appropriate for intimate and romantic settings, like your honeymoon.

On the other hand, you can always play with colors. If you have a certain color that you know compliments your eye or hair color, then go with it.

Have a honeymoon rich with love and intimacy!