Checkmate Trades Introduces Money Back Policy in Premium Plans – A first of its kind

Checkmate Trades, India’s leading research and advisory company for investments and trading consultation introduces Money Back Policy in Premium Plans, a first of its kind in India for their HNI clients after doing a thorough research on the fact that no other financial research firm has the option of Money back facility when the clients are not happy with their financial services.

The Research Quality at Checkmate Trades is essentially high however facility of Cash Back is introduced only to make the clients feel more secure about availing the facilities of a Research Firm.

This payback facility is provided to clients availing the Premium Plans segment from Checkmate Trades who are provided with good, sorted out and above rated calls. The whole procedure of Money Back involves a 3 month window period for the evaluation of the Research Work Services provided by Checkmate Trades. This Money Back can be availed only if Checkmate Trades is unable to provide them with pre-committed business returns of 15% in a quarter.

Mr. Hardeep Yadav, Director, Checkmate Trades says, “We at Checkmate Trades provide better research, enhanced Man Hours and good quality reports to our clients, the Money Back Policy is introduced just to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction. However, we endeavour to make sure that our customers get valuable advisory services which help them to make the right investment choice”.