A 34- year old woman exploits article 376 for money and to fulfill her malafide motives  A 27 year old Engineer was recently booked on charges of Rape, IPC  section 376 and was kept in custody for 14 days. The incident took place in KAPP (Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant)... Read more
​International Ethnic Week by Surat Dreams Concluded Today
India’s renowned textile exhibitor, lucratively concluded ‘International Ethnic Week’, at Expo Mart, Greater Noida. The 2 day mega event profitably generated around Rs 700 Cr MOU from over 3,300 domestic and International buyers from UK, USA, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa and Gulf countries. 108 exhibitors from all over India... Read more
If you are an IT student or cyber enthusiast who loves to delve into applications, have a knack for hacking into systems or developing ‘smart’ digitally enabled solutions for daily problems, the Indian Smart Grid Week is the place for you to be! India Smart Grid Week (ISGW) 2016... Read more
Jacqueline Fernandes knows how to keep her fans happy
Jacqueline Fernandes loves her fans immensely. The actress is known to extend special gestures towards them and thank them for their die-hard love and affection. She recently visited Sri Lanka for the launch of The Body Shop store, a brand she endorses. She had promised her ardent fan ‘Rusiru’... Read more
Exclusive still Irrfan’s from Song of Scorpions
Exclusive Image from  Irrfan Khan’s upcoming film Anup Singh’s Song of Scorpions , He had a great time shooting in Rajasthan , in deserts with Camels as it got him back his childhood memories as he belongs to Rajasthan. Read more
The Hindu Goddesses hold a foremost position in the Hindu Mythology. The festival of Navaratri is the best instance where one get the idea what an exemplary authority they behold. Nine avtaar of Maa Shakti are worshipped on nine different days. With the festival of the Supreme Power that... Read more
Voylla (Voylla Fashions Pvt Ltd), the brand leader in the fashion jewellery space has announced an endorsement engagement with Kangana Ranaut, the actor par excellence. “For us, it was a strategic fit since Kangana personifies the brand. A Voylla woman is independent, progressive, and truly believes in a woman’s... Read more
McDonald’s India was awarded the esteemed International Advertising Associations award in the retail category for their innovative campaign ‘Kuch Pal Offline’. The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, 13th October at the St. Regis Hotel in Mumbai and the jury comprised of industry leaders like Harish Manwani, Bhaskar Bhat,... Read more
In a surprising turn of events, the third day at Bigg Boss 9 House turned out to be the day of the lady. And what a lady she has turned out to be. Iranian import Mandana Karimi who has begun her innings in Bollywood, unexpectedly emerged the new woman... Read more
In their heyday, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand were peers as well as rivals. Now Ranbir, scion of the Kapoor clan, is paying homage to Dev saab in his own sweet manner. For his next film Tamasha, he has gone ahead and done an almost perfect impersonation of the... Read more