Boring Brands to Handle Public Relations for

Boring Brands, India’s largest start-up marketing company has added to its clientele. HealthKart has chosen Boring Brands to promote its brands – and HealthKartPlus in the Indian market. is an online health and fitness store and is heralded as a pioneer in its field. Boring Brands will look into HealthKart’s communication needs across India. It will assist with a suite of corporate communication services including thought leadership, media engagement among others. Boring Brands strives to bring innovative solutions to HealthKart’s vision of spreading healthcare awareness and empowering consumers.

Prashant Tandon, Co-founder, said “Boring Brands brings a lot of fresh perspective to PR activities. The expertise and bouquet of new ideas that they bring to the plate is suited to our vision and company objectives .We are delighted to be associated with them.”

“We’re excited by the prospect of assisting HealthKart with its market positioning and growth aspirations. Our team of pro-active members is looking forward to exploit new opportunities for HealthKart’s rapidly expanding services”, said Anshul Sushil, Co-founder, Boring Brands.

The start-up marketing company will add value to not just HealthKart but the entire portfolio for HealthKart which comprises of HealthKartPlus, the information service and medicine application and HealthKart Fit, the first offline store from HealthKart.